A new website, new Datastick 4000, and new SiteConnex

We are excited by our new website. You’ll notice that it is a work in progress.

We’re even more excited the new Datastick 4000 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers with Spectrum 3.0 and with SiteConnex connectivity. We first previewed these at the International Maintenance Conference IMC-2014 in Daytona Beach and at the Vibration Institute meeting in Savannah, Georgia. They are also a work in progress!

They represent a giant leap forward.

Our first SiteConnex capability was with a partner – Oceana Sensor Technologies. Oceana collected and processed vibration measurements on its ICHM Intelligent Component Health Monitor; it then transmitted them via Bluetooth to be received by Datastick Wave software on a Datastick DAS-1254 via Bluetooth. Datastick and Oceana won awards at Sensors Expo for innovative technology. In Oceana’s booth, the Oceana team sent measurements to Datastick Wave. In our booth, we displayed the spectrum on our handheld that was being sent from Oceana’s booth. It was quite a “first.” That was in 2003. Datastick has been a leader in  wireless mobile instrumentation for many years.