“I’ve been in the vibration business for 30 years. For a long time I have hoped for a piece of equipment that would replace the heavy, hard-to-use box I had used for all those years. Now I have it. The Datastick VSA-1215 Vibration Analyzer is awesome. It’s small and light, very user-friendly, and lets me perform very detailed analysis.” – J.N., Owner, Balancing Services Company

“We’re very happy that we can do analysis right at the machine, since the Datastick vibration analyzer shows full spectrums and alarms. Even if you’re not at your computer with the measurement files downloaded, you can still do analysis with the vibration unit itself!” – A.P., Reliability Engineering Manager, Packaging Company

“In my opinion, the Datastick VSA handhelds offer the highest capability-to-cost ratio. Think about it: for less than $7,000, I can avert a $200,000 bearing failure. In terms of ROI, I can’t think of a better investment.” – C.C., Manager of Engineering and Maintenance, Industrial Division, Multinational Manufacturing Firm