Datastick Reporting System (DRS) Desktop Software

Datastick Reporting System (DRS) for Spectrum is the software you use to view your vibration data on your PC.


  • Included with all VSA-1200 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers
  • Moves data from the VSA handheld to your PC in seconds
  • Facilitates analysis, trending, archiving, and reporting
  • Based on Microsoft Excel — open, non-proprietary
  • Files can be sent to anyone who has Excel
  • Open, seamless integration with Microsoft Office and any other software that accepts Excel or CSV files
  • Files, graphs, and reports can be saved as HTML and posted on your intranet or on a website, where they can be viewed in any web browser
  • Post-process waveform data from the VSA handheld into Acceleration, Velocity, or Displacement FFT spectra — cuts data-collection time by as much as half by reducing or eliminating the need save FFT spectra while collecting data
  • Cursor readouts show the value of any data point, harmonics, differences between points, and comparison of waveform peaks
  • Instant trend reports, exception reports, and summary reports


Datastick Reporting System (DRS) Home screen provides a convenient location for importing data from the VSA handheld or from an SD memory card from the handheld.