New and Enhanced Technologies

TruLow™ technology enables Datastick analyzers to provide highly accurate measurements of vibration in challenging, very slow-speed machines such as wind turbines, agitators, cooling towers, mixers, and more.

DataFormer™ transform function takes input from previously saved data and realtime data on multiple channels and transforms the measurement units into a selected form to permit direct comparison of data

SiteConnex™ connectivity technology


PulseDomain™ demodulation technology goes beyond normal demodulation to optimize the signal to noise ratio to make small impact peaks more visible and reduce random noise so you can spot bearing faults early.

Sharpener™ for frequency-domain and demodulation spectra has near-perfect accuracy in both amplitude and frequency at the same time so you can more accurately spot important harmonics.

Peaking™ value puts a reliable numerical value on peak energy (random and periodic). Superior to competing PeakVue.

Impact Factor™ provides a reliable numerical indicator of periodic pulse energy.

More to come