Full-featured vibration analysis on a one-channel handheld Vibration Spectrum Analyzer. Easy to learn and use. With new Spectrum 2.0 software now shipping and new Datastick
Reporting System (DRS) software coming soon.

New SiteConnex for Full Connectivity

View and control your vibration analyzer from any modern computer or smartphone. Even better, view, control, and even change settings  simultaneously across the globe.


Maintenance: from reactive to predictive to proactive – eliminate unplanned machine downtime

All machines eventually break down and require repair. Studies show that repairs are more than twice as costly when the breakdown is sudden and unplanned. But repair costs can be a small percentage compared to total costs. When productive machines are offline, income can suffer greatly.

Some unexpected failures can cost under $25,000. But catastrophic machine failures can cost more than $100 million. When the blades of a wind turbine blow apart, fires and even deaths can result. Dollars, lives, and customers can be lost – forever.

The answer? Make the move from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance – and later, proactive maintenance – especially for critical machines.

Why vibration? Vibration analysis is the single most effective method of detecting machine failures before they occur. Small vibrations occur long before you hear a sound or feel a tremor. Vibration analysis gives you the most information about the condition of your machinery than any other single method.

The benefit? One Datastick customer went from unprofitable to 40% profitability by putting in a predictive program using the VSA-1215 Datastick Vibration Spectrum Analyzer. The general manager said, “We are now in the predictive mode, and have not had a single failure.”

Handheld One-Channel VSA-1200 Vibration
 Spectrum Analyzers with NEW Spectrum 2.0 now available.
NEW Datastick Reporting System Plus (DRS Plus) coming soon!


Datastick handheld VSA-1200 vibration analyzers are priced below comparable devices and you can learn them in a couple of hours, yet they have capabilities you would expect in analyzers costing many times as much. They are as accurate – and in some cases, much more accurate – than very costly portable vibration analyzers, and they weigh just 11 oz (0.31 kg).

  • Virtually unlimited storage using SD cards
  • Lowest minimum frequency available and lowest noise floor in the industry among portable vibration analyzers for equipment that runs at slow speeds or with low intensity vibration
  • Detect resonance, unbalance/misalignment, bearing faults, and much more
  • Email measurement files and post charts to the web for collaboration
Datastick Spectrum

Datastick Spectrum software for the handheld computer is amazingly easy to use and fast to learn – and allows you to do analysis at the machine using the touchscreen. NEW Spectrum 2.0 is now available; now there are now 10 touchscreen inspection tools for diagnosing machinery problems!

Datastick Reporting System (DRS) for spectrum

Datastick Reporting System (DRS) for Spectrum PC  software based on Microsoft Excel makes it easy to create Microsoft Office reports, post to the web, and share data with consultants and colleagues. NEW DRS Plus is coming soon!

New Datastick 4000

Introducing the handheld Datastick 4000 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer. It starts with a Linux computer inside the handheld analyzer – for power and speed. Add to that our own Datastick customized chip. Then add wifi so that your vibration analyzer can send and receive data wirelessly – as well as wired using USB.

Finally we added Datastick Spectrum 3.0 software, which is newly architected, and includes all previous Datastick software capabilities from all our previous software titles, including our Datastick Advanced Analysis Toolkit (DAART). Now you can run long routes of machines, going quickly from one measurement point to another.

Spectrum 3.0 improves one of the foremost capabilities of Datastick products: they are fast and easy to learn. Now, with Spectrum 3.0, they are also much faster and much easier to use. And our unparalleled accuracy (see specifications) is improved, even below .1 Hz (6 CPM).

As with the VSA-1200s, you can do analysis at the machine site for fast troubleshooting and diagnosis. Reporting your analytics has never been faster or easier with our new DataForm capability. And with SiteConnex connectivity software, you can use any smart device – computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone – to access and command your analyzer.

We are launching the 4000s with an analyer with 2 or 3 channels plus tachometer input. It’s realtime, making it possible to check for problems when a pump or turbine is spinning up or coasting down.Shipping Q1 2015

New SiteConnex Connectivity

Multiple people with VSAs can connect and view the reports for a particular machine. In real time. One of them can add his machine so the team can compare one machine with the other. If you want, you can enable everyone inth egroup to make changes and view the results. From anywhere in the world. From any smart device or with their vibration analyzer. In real time.

This changes everything. Ships in Q1 2015

Datastick brings a new level of connectivity to the 4000 series. You can view and control your vibration analyzer from any smart device – smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop, etc. with any operating system such as Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS, Linux.

Versions are available for your computer, your Network and the Internet, and the Enterprise and beyond to the world. Storage is on your computer, your network’s server, or the cloud.

But most important is what this means as you work with colleagues. For example, a technician gets in touch with you, a vibration analyst. He is having trouble knowing what to do about a machine. Rather than email files or post them to the web, you can now join him and look at his measurements in real time. Suppose you notice that he has a setting set incorrectly. You can change it! Or you can instruct him on what to do and he can make a change in real time – you can then see that he did it correctly. And now you can say, “Shut it down” or “Keep it running until …”

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